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Week of Mar. 10, 2014
Top Stories Polls open in Crimea referendum amid high tensions

Purim 2014 -- What Queen Esther can still teach us

Missing Malaysia Airlines plane 'deliberately diverted'

Investigators reportedly eye 'sabotage' in Malaysian jet disappearanc

Ukraine crisis: US and Russia in key London talks

Meet Lord RayEl, ‘risen Christ’ and failed politician, who ruined a young man’s NFL prospects

Malaysia Airlines flight: new theory emerges on how long plane kept flying

Chinese government website says it has images of suspected plane debris

IAF strikes dozens of Gaza targets after rocket attack

Ukraine impasse stirs U.S.-Russia tensions

>Malaysia's military investigating reports that missing plane changed course, made it to country's west coast

Iran’s Finger on Trigger to Destroy Zionist Regime

Israel to show long-range rockets from 'Iran arms ship'

>Arab League rejects Israel as Jewish state

Investigators chase 'every angle,' but signs of missing Malaysia Airlines plane remain elusive

Week of Mar. 3, 2014
Top Stories Two on missing Malaysia flight used stolen European passports

Tensions flare as military standoff in Ukraine's Crimea region continues

Ukraine PM: Crimea 'was, is and will be an integral part of Ukraine'

Ukraine crisis: 'Illegal' Crimean referendum condemned

Russia test-fires Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

EU to offer $15 billion in aid to Ukraine as talks kick off in Paris

Putin: Russia Reserves Right for Force in Ukraine

Russian admiral issues ultimatum in Crimea

Ukraine crisis live: 'Worst crisis in Europe in the 21st Century'

'Son of God' Blows Away Expectations With $26M Box Office Weekend

Week of Feb 24, 2014
Top Stories Ukraine Appeals to NATO for Help After Russia Approves Force

Russian military moves in Crimea are declaration of war, says Ukrainian PM

See "Son of God" - Today!

Russia Extends Reach in Crimea with Calls for Troops in Ukrainian Region

Ukraine accuses Russia of 'military invasion' as gunmen seize airports

Abbas ‘exploded with rage’ at Kerry over ‘insane’ framework proposals

Analysis: Hezbollah unlikely to respond to Israeli air strike in Lebanon

Ukraine revolution: Putin puts troops on alert in western Russia

Israeli police and Palestinians clash on Temple Mount

Israeli warplanes 'strike eastern Lebanon'

US tells Russia to keep troops out of Ukraine as Crimea flashpoint looms

Egypt interim government resigns unexpectedly

Week of Feb 17, 2014
Top Stories Ukraine Leader’s Flight Blocked as Opponents Take Power

Revelation Commentary:
Our Generation in Prophecy and History

Fresh violence flares in Ukraine as president announces concessions to end crisis

Ukraine truce broken: 22 dead so far

Tensions high in Ukraine after at least 21 die in fiery clashes

Company plans to beam free Wi-fi to every person on Earth from space

Week of Feb 10, 2014
Top Stories 'Son of God': Church Leaders Buying Out Theaters For Screenings

Impeachment: The obvious answer to Obama dictatorship

Syria talks: Mediator apologises for lack of progress

Putin embraces Egypt in Middle East power grab

Limbaugh: Obama descending into 'Stalinism'

Revelation Commentary: Moral Relativism and the Sexual Revolution

Faith-based film takes on political correctness in public schools

U.S. Intelligence Chief Describes Syria as Apocalyptic Disaster

Ahead of nuclear talks, Iran fires two missiles

Scary 1929 market chart gains traction

New health trackers - Mark of the Beast technology?

Rouhani warns US against making threats as Iran marks anniversary of Islamic Revolution

A Little GOOD NEWS Today!

Week of Feb 3, 2014
Top Stories UN nuclear experts back in Iran to tackle tougher issues

Graham: Obama Not 'Trustworthy Fellow' on IRS Scandal

Who 'Won' The Creation Vs. Evolution Debate?

The Obamas show their spiritual side at the National Prayer Breakfast

Revelation Commentary: Lukewarm Christianity

US expects delay on Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, Kerry framework rollout

Abortion rate falls to lowest since 1973

Ya’alon: Israel ‘will manage’ without a peace deal

Week of Jan. 27, 2014
Top Stories EXCLUSIVE: Broncos, Seahawks prioritize their faith, their football (video)

Quartet to meet in Munich over stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

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Why is America Sliding toward a Worldly, Lukewarm Christianity?
Revelation Commentary

Netanyahu: Deal Set Iran's Nuclear Drive Back by Only 6 Weeks

Putin: America Is Godless, Has Turned Away from Christian Values

Ex-CIA head: US would use force to stop Iran

Are Christians to blame for a Godless entertainment industry?

Evidence points to secret Israeli strike on Syrian missile launchers

Don't Miss the Great Creation/ Evolution Debate - Feb. 4th!

Is the World Ready for a "Benevolent Dictator"?

Egypt calls early presidential election as violence spreads

Week of Jan. 20, 2014
Top Stories Pentagon: U.S. Not Capable of Detecting Foreign Nuke Threats

Egypt militants step up campaign with Cairo blasts

China's nuclear missile drill seen as warning to US not to meddle in region

Iranian official on nuke deal: 'We did not agree to dismantle anything'

Israel air strike kills two in Gaza

Young 'pro-life generation' delivers its message today

Syria Geneva II peace talks witness bitter exchanges

Andrew Cuomo Faces Calls to Resign After Saying Pro-Lifers Not Welcome in New York

Revelation Commentary:
A Changing World

EXCLUSIVE: Gruesome Syria photos may prove torture by Assad regime

85 Wealthiest as Rich as Half the World

Week of Jan. 13, 2014
Top Stories Pope may seek to unseal Holocaust-era archives

Israel berates 'pro-Palestinian EU'

UNESCO cancels event on Jewish ties to Land of Israel

Senate report: Benghazi attackers tied to Al Qaeda groups

Restrictive Abortion 'bubble zone' law now before the Supreme Court

Revelation Commentary
Worldly/ "Carnal" Christianity

The Benghazi Transcripts: Top Defense officials briefed Obama on ‘attack,’ not video or protest

Battle over presidential recess appointments heads to Supreme Court

Week of Jan. 6, 2014
Top Stories Iran nuclear deal to enter into force on 20 January/a>

Jerusalem Next 'Stumbling Block' in Peace Talks

Israel's ex-PM Ariel Sharon dies

Iran, Russia negotiating big oil-for-goods deal

Outbreak of 'Nightmare Bacteria' in Illinois Stirs Worry

Number of Christians killed for their faith doubled in 2013

Gates raises new trust questions for embattled Obama

Kerry says U.S. will help Iraq against al-Qaeda but won’t send troops back in

Israel Rejects US Plans for the Jordan Valley

Fallujah in Hands of Pro-al-Qaida Militants

Week of Dec. 30, 2013
Top Stories Palestinian red lines make chances of US-mediated settlement slim

Revelation Commentary:
You are Lukewarm!

California "Bathroom Law" on hold because of voter initiative

John Kerry lands in Israel to lay foundations for 'framework agreement'

Joyous New Year!
Year of the Third Great Awakening?

Calif. families warned transgender bathroom law just days away
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