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Week of  ov. 2, 2015
Top Stories Explosion reportedly heard on black box of Russian passenger plane

Forecast in Germany: Overrun with Muslims

Obamatrade hands over U.S. sovereignty to international panel

Wanted: 'Decent, moral human being' for president

What is “Apocalyptic Islam” and why is it so dangerous?

Bomb-Plot Suspicion Becomes Top Theory in Crash of Egypt Jet

Scraps of inconclusive evidence surface on Russian airliner crash over Sinai

Revelation Commentary:
The Fourth Seal - Annihilation/Death

Israeli Minister Resigns, Paving Way for Gas-Field Development

Week of Oct 26, 2015
Top Stories Watch now: Coach suspended for praying featured in new video by 'Woodlawn' filmmakers

Sinai plane crash: What we know

Russian plane crash in Egypt kills all 224 people aboard

China Warns U.S. of Potential for War in South China Sea

Why Google and Facebook need balloons, drones and rockets

Temple Mount cleric calls to restore Caliphate, annihilate Jews

Showdown in the South China Sea: How did we get here?

At least 311 killed as massive earthquake shakes Pakistan, Afghanistan

As planets align, some see return of Jesus’ Star of Bethlehem

More than 250 dead as magnitude-7.5 earthquake shakes Afghanistan, Pakistan and India

Jerusalem mufti: Temple Mount never housed Jewish Temple

Week of Oct 19, 2015
Top Stories Greg Laurie: Why study Bible prophecy?

Patricia strengthens into 'potentially catastrophic' Category 5 hurricane, threatens Mexico's Pacific coast

Hollywood Awakening?: Faith-Based Film ‘Woodlawn’ Gets A+ Review

UN asked to take action against Iran for recent missile test

Putin's approval rating hits new historic high of almost 90%

What is the War of Gog & Magog?

Netanyahu to Ban: Abbas has joined ISIS and Hamas

Israel arrests Hamas co-founder, accusing him of inciting recent violence

Ben Carson calls on Christians: Get in the game

Hamas Asks Russia to Help Stop Israeli 'Aggression' Against Palestinians

Week of Oct 12, 2015
Top Stories REVIEW: 'Woodlawn' tackles racism & revival in the Red Zone

Israel Rejects Calls for International Presence on Temple Mount

Evangelist Jack Van Impe back from brink of death

Palestinians burn Joseph's Tomb ahead of 'day of rage'

Iran reveals huge underground missile base with broadcast on state TV

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the “War of Gog & Magog.” Part Four in our series on the prophecies of Ezekiel 38-39.

Israel sending troops into cities after latest attacks

Rosenberg: Will the Biblical “War of Gog & Magog” bring about the end of Radical Islam?

Ben Carson: We May Be Headed Toward 'End of Days'

At least 3 dead, 20 wounded in separate Jerusalem terror attacks

Israel makes massive discovery of oil in the Golan Heights. Is this a prelude to the “War of Gog & Magog”? Here’s the answer, Part Two

Week of Oct 5, 2015
Top Stories Iron Dome Deployed Across Southern Israel in Wake of Gaza Clash

China preparing to 'team up with Russia in Syria

Potentially game-changing oil reserves discovered in Israel

China looks to quell dissent with 'citizen scores'

Eastern European smugglers shopping nuclear material to ISIS, other terror groups

With Russia’s Dep. Army Chief due in Israel, Moscow posts 64 S-300 ship-to-air missiles off Syria, N. Israel

ISIS executes 12 Christians—including boy and 2 women who were raped in public and beheaded—for refusing to renounce Jesus

Jerusalem streets empty after day of terror

Turkey intercepts Russian jet in its air space

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